Thursday, June 18, 2015

BGiME #1: Painting Moria Goblins

As previously mentioned, the premiere issue of Battle Games in Middle-Earth came with a sprue of 12 Moria Goblins to get your miniature collection started. The issue also include some paint pots and step-by-step instructions for making your new miniatures table-ready.

My copy of the magazine had neither paint nor miniatures, as it was acquired on the secondhand market. Luckily, however, I had a Mines of Moria starter set with 24 Moria Goblins inside sitting on my workbench shelf as well as pots of the same paint colors that originally accompanied the issue. Although I have experience painting miniatures and have acquired a few hard-earned skills, I decided that with the Battle Games in Middle-Earth miniatures, I’d abide by the techniques and instructions provided in the magazine itself. By doing so, I felt I’d be more honest in my goal of working through all ninety-one issues as if I had received them back when they were originally published. I might even learn a few new tricks or banish some previously-acquired bad habits.

As a result, the first batch of BGiME miniatures came out looking like something a novice painter might produce, say one who picked up this weird little magazine at the newsagent’s because it had The Lord of the Rings on the cover. I call these little gents my “Stuck In Goblins,” because as the issue advises, “The best way to learn to paint your models is just to get stuck in!” Although not as detailed as my usual paint jobs, I cranked them out in two short painting sessions, making them the faster group of LotR SBG minis I’ve ever painted. And besides, we’ll be coming back to these guys when we hit issue #20. We’ll spiffy them up then with some new skills and techniques.

My friends, let’s meet the Moria Goblins! Click each photo to enlarge.

The Stuck In Goblins of Moria, Inc.

One half of the band

There is some resemblance to the members of GWAR.


Move like you've a Balrog on you ass!

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