Friday, July 7, 2017

BGiME #6: “Defend the Ruins!”

Looking back over the previous entries, I see I never posted the actual play—or as they call it over at Spillforeningen the Fellowship STF, “the post-battle bat-rep breakdown”—of issue #6's Battle Game. There’s been a lot of water under the Brandywine Bridge since we played this, but I have pictures and a faint memory of what went on. This battle sees Aragorn facing off against a group of Uruk-hai who are trying to find a secret entrance into Helm’s Deep. If Aragorn can hold them off for ten rounds, Good automatically wins. If the Uruk-hai find the secret entrance before then, the number of Saruman’s servants who enter the tunnel dictate whether Good or Evil triumphs, or it’s a draw.

We played this one a few times, as it was a short scenario. I recall one battle saw the Uruk-hai gang up on Aragorn and take him down, while another had Aragorn running willie-nillie, cutting down the Uruk-hai before they could locate the entrance. It proved to be a balanced, if not especially long battle game.

The field of battle. Aragorn stands alone against five Uruk-hai!

The Uruk-hai advance and Aragon chooses his first opponent.

An Uruk-hai stalks the ruins, seeking the hidden entrance into Helm's Deep.

Aragorn rushes to stop his enemies from searching the ruins.

Get 'em! Three Uruk-hai face off against Strider.

"You'll not get past me, filth!"
That rounds out coverage of issue #6 of Battle Games in Middle-earth. We’ll pick up with issue #7 in a day or two. Thanks for stopping by!