Monday, June 22, 2015

BGiME #1: Goblin Ambush! Round Three

Evil seems to have the upper hand in this contest with the goblins trouncing Aragorn two to nothing. It was time for the winners of the preliminary rounds, Dave and Scott, to face off for the coveted and completely made-up title of Lord of the Miniature Things. Dave resumed his career of Evil, leaving Scott in the (if the past is any indication) unenviable position of playing Aragorn as the sole force of Good in the scenario. Would it be a complete rout by the forces of the Shadow?

Scott moves Aragorn up atop a hill as his initial move, a gambit that Dave responds to once again by committing all his goblin forces. It would require fancy maneuvering and some good Priority rolls for Aragorn to get through the mass of goblins.

The goblins already begin closing in. Aragorn spies an opening.

A lucky Priority roll and Aragorn is down the hill and moving diagonally across the field, hoping to loop around the hillock and standing stone in the center of the battle field and escape through the far corner.

Aragorn rushes across the battlefield thanks to a 6" movement rate and winning Priority. Goblins move to intercept.

The corner escape tactic was a good one, but Scott's luck turned after getting set up to make a run for safety. If I recall correctly, Dave scored a wound with his goblin archers by the boulder and Scott was blockaded by a quartet of goblins.

A lost melee battle pushes Aragorn back, forcing him further away from his goal of reaching the battlefield's corner.

Another lost Priority roll and Aragorn is surrounded. Now in a fight of 5 attack dice versus 3 dice, the outcome is inevitable. Aragorn perishes near a convenient standing stone to mark his death place.

It's pretty clear that the advantage I thought Aragorn had before playing this scenario wasn't a great as I imagined. In two out of the three playings of the skirmish, Aragorn got off to a strong start, but quickly became bogged down by the sheer number of goblins. Also, since this used an extremely simplified version of the SBG rules, things like Might and Fate points that allow a hero to accomplish exceptional deeds and shrug off wounds didn't come into play. I think had we been using all of Aragorn's potential, the battle would have had a much different outcome. We'll have to run it again later in the future and see what the results are with the full SBG rules.

End of Round Three
Winner and Champion: Dave (Goblins)

That's it for the coverage of Battle Games of Middle-Earth #1. I'll be delving into issue #2 real soon with a look at its contents, some painted minis of the Last Alliance, and a battle between Moria Goblins, High Elves, and the Men of Gondor. But first, some words about The One Ring campaign since I haven't delved into that ongoing endeavor yet.

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