Monday, June 22, 2015

BGiME #1: Goblin Ambush! Round Two

With Evil ahead by a win, it was time for Dave and Tom to play through “Goblin Ambush!” Dave was playing the side of Evil and Tom was Aragorn. Set-up was the same as the previous round. As the Forces of Good, Tom automatically wins Priority and it might have just been the last time he won Priority in the very short game that was to follow!

The board is set.

Goblins lurk on the verge as Tom slowly pushes Aragorn into action.

Tom sends Aragorn off to one side, perhaps intending not to replicate my tactical error. The Ranger begins the long run towards a safe getaway. Dave, however, decides to commit all of his goblins immediately, a tactic that will pay off well in very short order!

Aragorn creeps down the battlefield.

Goblins! Masses and masses of Goblins! Most are now within bow range.

As I recall, Dave had some success with his goblin archers, scoring a wound or two against Aragorn before he made too much progress towards the opposite edge of the board. The nearest group of goblins then charges the Ranger, keeping him from advancing further.

Aragorn is boxed in as more goblins scurry towards the battle

Already wounded, Aragorn is quickly dispatched by a small goblin mob. He has moved less than 12" from his starting position.

I think the fight lasted three turns at most. Some hot dice rolls from Dave put the hurt on Aragorn before the goblins even managed to get into melee range, and once charged and pinned down, the 4 dice to 3 dice Fight spelled the end for Aragorn. Once again, the fate of Middle-Earth is to fall under Shadow.

End of Round Two
Winner: Dave (Goblins)

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