Saturday, July 11, 2015

BGiME #2: Painting the Warriors of the Last Alliance

Issue #2 included a sprue of Warriors of the Last Alliance to add to one’s collection of LotR SBG minis. These are not figures I’ve previously had much interest in, but now that I’ve got a dozen painted, I’m seeing the possibility of using them to further expand the forces of Good in the North. Over the course of this mad project, I’ll be acquiring painting some more of these models come issue #44 and, with two dozen such miniatures in my collection, I’ll have a solid basis for either some Arnor scenarios or to create Grey Haven allies for my Grey Company army. 

As I mentioned before, I’m explicitly following the painting tutorial provided in each issue of Battle Games of Middle-Earth. This means the result are a bit cruder than my usual paint jobs, but forces are table-ready in a much quicker fashion. I’ll revisit this figures once issue #44 comes around, but in the meanwhile they’ll do on the battlefield.

The Men of Gondor advance!

High Elves with Elven Blades
High Elven Bowmen

The Warriors of the Last Alliance march on Mordor

Next up: The Warriors of the Last Alliance face off against the forces of Sauron!


  1. Hmm. High Elves and . . . the men in black? I'll have to re-read the books.

  2. I've seen a few variants. I rereading the trilogy and they don't mention specifically the colors the Men of Gondor wore during the Second Age in the LotR. It might be mentioned in The Silmarillion or Unfinished Tales, however.

  3. They look great Michael!
    Are you going to go all the way with the BGiME issues and miniatures?
    If so, good luck :D I'm doing the same here eheheh

    In the next few months you will notice how much your painting skills have developed :)

    I'll be following your blog with great interest

  4. Thanks, Tiago! I actually stumbled across your blog a while back and it led to my discovering BGiME. When I got my hands on some issues, I fell in love with the magazine and decided to emulate your own process of working your way through the miniatures. You'll notice a link to your wonderful site over there on the right. Your blog was an inspiration for this whole crazy idea of doing all ninety-one issues, painting not only the minis, but building the terrain projects and playing through the battles. Thanks for your efforts and I'll keep watching your work.



    1. That is really good to know Michael :D
      Keep it up :)