Sunday, July 12, 2015

BGiME #2: “The Last Alliance” Battle Report

On the same evening we ran “Goblin Ambush,” we followed up the mini-tournament with the scenario “The Last Alliance” from Battle Games in Middle-Earth #2. This battle saw a dozen Moria Goblins facing off again a mixed group of High Elves and Men of Gondor. The premise was that, prior to the conflict on the slopes of Mount Doom, a small group of goblins attempts to break through the lines of the Good forces to summon reinforcements. It is up the Last Alliance to stop the goblins from escaping by eliminating all twelve Moria Goblin models, while the Evil player(s) need only get a single miniature across the opposite edge of the table to win. Scott and I played the forces of Good as we faced off against Dave and Tom as the minions of Sauron.

Set-up was that each side had to have all their models touching the appropriate edge of the battlefield, but could be otherwise positioned as desired. Scott and I divided the Elves and Men up evenly between us with each controlling two Men of Gondor, two Elven bowmen, and two Elven Warriors. Dave and Tom did the same with their Goblins, with each responsible for two archers and four warriors. As the forces of Good, Scott and I had Priority in the first round.

The forces face off. Who shall be the victor?
“For Nύmenor and Elbereth Gilthoniel!”

The goblins advance tentatively, knowing they’re almost certainly in range of the elven bows.

High Elf warriors rush to meet their green-skinned foes.

The slower goblins creep forward as elven arrows rain down upon them.

One goblin has already fallen as the two sides approach the middle of the battlefield.

The forces of Good and Evil clash as close combat erupts!

Measure twice, slay once!

Men of Gondor close in on a goblin archer.

The toll has been heavy on the forces of Evil and only two goblins remain.

A single goblin, the sole survivor of Evil, rushes towards the edge of the battlefield seeking victory!

Alas, he is outnumbers and dies a (blurry) death.

This was a short but fun scenario. With the longer ranges of the Elven bows, the forces of Good put a hurting on the goblins before close combat began. And while it wasn’t a bloodless battle for the Men and Elves, we suffered few casualties from the weaker goblin warriors.

As the battle reached its end, only one goblin archer remained standing and was pushing fiercely towards the Good edge of the board. It was one of those times when even we, the forces of Good, admired his courage and began to hope that the goblin, dubbed “Blood BBQ” by his masters, somehow beat the odds and achieved a victory for Evil. Alas, he perished with the rest of his foul brethren and Sauron’s troops would see no reinforcements when they clashed with Gil-galad and Elendil the following day.

This scenario was the last to use the “bare bones” rules. From here on out, the rules gradually increase in complexity, but after running both this battle and “Goblin Ambush,” we’re ready for more.

Next up: A simple ruin is created as we tackle our first terrain making project.

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