Friday, September 11, 2015

Upper Anduin Vales Player's Map

My The One Ring campaign has largely consisted of playing through commercially-written adventures. This is due to the lack of preparation time available to me and my desire to become familiar with the rules, tone, and challenges of The One Ring compared to say Dungeons & Dragons. Recently, however, the company has become embroiled in events of my own devising and have headed north away from their regular stomping grounds in the East Anduin Vales. They are seeking a purported hoard of treasure that was carried off by servants of the Witch-king and secreted away on the eastern side of the Misty Mountains during the fall of Angmar. The trail has brought them to the Sceadudene, the Vale of Shadow.

In detailing this region, I've relied heavily on the material presented in The Heart of the Wild supplement, but have added my own flurishes. To better visualize the area and find suitable homes for all the region's interesting locations and NPCs, I took the Loremaster's map of Wilderlands and zoomed in on the Sceadudene. I intend to use this more detailed version as both a player's handout map and as a hexcrawl map for my side of the Loremaster's Screen. Depending on what leads, legends, and rumors the company pursues in the future, the focus of the campaign might shift to this region and those beyond. Even if the PCs seek other adventures, a SBG miniatures campaign might be fun to set here and a smaller-scale reference map would certainly be useful to have on hand should that come to pass. I present it here for your perusal and/or use. Click to enlarge.

There is no compass rose or scale, but North is situated at the top of the map and each large hex is 10 miles as per the Loremaster's map from The One Ring. Smaller hexes are 2 miles each.

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