Saturday, September 19, 2015

BGiME #4: Painting the Uruk-hai

Build me an army worthy of Mordor. -- Sauron
Evil now has a truly terrifying force to field against the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth: the Uruk-hair of Isengard. Painting these models was a breeze, and I had them table-ready in a day. If anyone is looking for a quick-to-prepare army for the SBG, a load of Uruk-hai is the way to go.

Painting was mostly dry-brushing the armor various shades of metallic silver and painting the flesh a dark brown. A quick basing of sand and autumn static grass and the forces of Evil were ready for the battlefield

First up are the pikemen--or pike-uruks to be precise. Their long-hafted weapons allow them to gang-up in battle, supporting an allied model from a distance.

Next are the sword-uruks who enjoy an increased Defense score against opponents thanks to their shields. There's no rules for hurling a Uruk-hai shield to pin a Ranger against a tree in the RAW, and as I'm fielding a Grey Company force, I'd glad at its absence!

Here are the assembled forces of Isengard marching on Helm's Deep. This force costs 100 points under the last edition of the SBG rules, making it the backbone of a 500 point Isengard army.

Next up, we'll see how the Uruk-hai do against the Elves of Rivendell when we play out the scenario, "Elven Attack." See you soon!

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