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Twenty-four Precious Objects for The One Ring RPG

Gen Con 2015 and all the associated preparations and frustrations is finally behind me, allowing the opportunity to get back to painting minis and working on my regular The One Ring game. Last Sunday saw the group get back together for the first time in over a month to explore the Anduin River valley and seek out some answers behind the possible location of a hoard dating from the fall of Angmar. I’ll leave the details of that search for another day.

I purposely added a hoard into the campaign as I wanted to give the new Magical Treasure rules from the Rivendell supplement a try. To do so required I assemble a Magical Treasure Index for the campaign, which I spent a pleasantly cool Saturday writing up. The following is my Precious Objects section from the index. As most of the items aren’t specifically keyed to the campaign, I thought I’d share it with you fine folks as either inspiration or direct use.

Precious Objects (no Tengwar results)
Roll a feat die and a success die. If the success die result is 1-3, use Table 1 to determine the throw of the feat die. On a success die roll of 4-6, use Table 2 to resolve what Precious Object is found. Use the indicated table to resolve the feat die’s result and determine what treasure is discovered.

Table 1: Diced-for Results (as per the tables in Rivendell pp. 91-92)
Eye) A tiny ruby chip embedded in a web of silver wire hangs from a slender golden chain. The links of the chain resemble holly leaves, indicating the jewelry was crafted by the elves of Eregion. The gold is dull as if sitting in shadow. The object is worth 20 Treasure points.

1) A small pearl dangles from a golden chain. A single dwarven rune is carved into one side of the pearl and the inscription is filled with burnished gold. Made in Khazad-dύm, it is worth 20 Treasure points.

2) A single freshwater pearl with pink tint rests atop a fine silver band. Worn on the brow to restrain the flowing hair of elves, this piece of Elvish jewelry from Eregion is worth 20 Treasure points.

3) A many-faceted white gem brooch that sparkles twice as bright in starlight. The stone glistens as if perpetually wet with sea spray. Made by the Men of Westernesse, the brooch is worth 20 Treasure points.

4) A silver brooch entwined with crawling ivy vines. The ivy leaves are formed by chips of emerald. Possibly of Westernesse origin, the item is worth 40 Treasure points.

5) A hefty gold ring sized for Dwarvish fingers. The ring bears the device of a blue flame made of sapphire burning in the heart of a forge. Obviously crafted in Khazad-dύm, it is worth 40 Treasure points.

6) A golden necklace of thick links bearing a net of finer silver chains. Flecks of ruby dangle from the silver wire, calling to mind a spray of embers. This work of Erebor predates the coming of Smaug and is worth 80 Treasure points.

7) A silver armband adorned with the golden bas-relief of a holly tree, the leaves are cut from shards of green gem and the red berries are bits of glittering ruby. Created by the elves of Eregion, this item was worn by the protectors of the realm’s borders and is worth 80 Treasure points.

8) A circlet of silver adorned with a golden scallop shell at the forefront. A glittering white gem rests in the heart of the shell like a piece of trapped, gleaming sea foam. Created by the Men of Westernesse after the sinking of Nύmenor, the circlet is worth 100 Treasure points.

9) A tremendous sapphire stone the color of the ocean deeps crowns this golden ring of solid construction. Small flaws in the heart of the stone mimic delicate seaweed dancing in the ocean currents. An engraving on the inner band reads “All praise to the works of Ulmo” in Adûnaic, the common language of Nύmenor. It is worth 100 Treasure points.

10) A single amethyst of regal purple hue. A quartet of golden tines grip the stone, demonstrating it was once part of a larger piece of jewelry. The stone glimmers in the moonlight, creating glints of light that appear vaguely humanoid as if the auras of those who lived long ago. The sense of melancholy washes over all who hold the stone. A lost jewel of Beleriand, the stone is worth 100 Treasure points.

Gandalf) A single adamant stone, shining with a seemingly inherent light. The stone possesses numerous facets cut by the patient hands of the dwarves of Nogrod during the distant First Age. The jewel appears to glow brighter when in the company of other precious stones. It is worth 120 Treasure points.

Table 2: Special Objects (homemade creations)
Eye) An ivory pipe bearing the carving of a flourishing orchard with fruit inscribed around the pipe’s bowl. Hobbits claim the pipe improves the quality of any pipe-weed burned in it. Worth 20 Treasure points (Hobbit culture treasure).

1) A necklace of shining silver chain fashioned into the form of a serpent. A single small white gem rests in the snake’s mouth. This is a product of the elves of Eregion. Worth 20 Treasure points.

2) An inkwell carved from a single amethyst and lined with silver. A golden top carved into the shape of an acorn seals the well when not in use. It is said that all agreements signed in ink from the well will never be broken. Worth 40 Treasure points.

3) A sheath of blue leather tipped with gold and its mouth rimmed with the same precious metal. Three oak leaves turned to yellow gold are entwined around and decorate the body of the scabbard. It is sized to hold a short sword or long dagger. Worth 60 Treasure points.

4) A golden tankard with silver lid. A window of clear crystal allows the drinker to gauge the level of liquid remaining in the tankard. Around the window is an embossed dwarven face, his mouth open wide, the window positioned in the face’s open mouth. Worth 80 Treasure points.

5) A skullcap of silver bearing a white jewel at its peak. Dwarven runes are inscribed around the border of the cap. This object is said to have been worn by a prideful dwarf who went bald before his time. Worth 80 Treasure points.

6) A golden cup with its lip dressed in pearls. Leaping stags are etched along the bowl of the cup. Some believe the pearls turn black if poisoned liquid is poured into the cup. Worth 80 Treasure points.

7) A necklace of golden and silver wire entwined in a spider’s web. Myriad dark purple amethysts adorn the strands like dew drops caught in a web at dawn. Worth 100 Treasure points.

8) A single green crystal orb the size of an orange and set atop a round base of chased silver. Quenya writing along the base praise Elbereth Tintalle. Shining glints of yellow twinkle in the depths of the orb, which is believed to bring peaceful dreams if left at the foot of one’s bed. Worth 100 Treasure points.

9) A map/scroll case made of beaten gold and sealed with ivory stoppers. The exterior of the case is decorated to resemble a colored rolled map with flecks of emeralds for forests, sapphires for lakes, adamant for snow-capped mountains, and flakes of onyx for trails and borders. Worth 120 Treasure points.

10) A golden ring set with a cluster of pea-sized sapphires. The stones are arranged as a bunch of grapes, glistening with morning dew. In the days of Westernesse, a lord’s wine steward wore this piece as his badge. Worth 120 Treasure points.

Gandalf) A golden lamp decorated with cut rubies and emeralds set to capture the light of the lamp’s flame. The gems throw dancing colors on the walls and ceiling when lit in a dark room. Some say the elves could predict future events by observing the flickering colors. Worth 120 Treasure points.

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